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Yes, Fasting is for everyone. It's about drawing closer to God. As athleats train their bodies for physical competition, fasting trains our bodies to be in tune with God's spirit.

In His Sermon on the Mound, Jesus tells us that we are expected to fast. Jesus said 'when', not 'if', twice in this passage, clearly making a point that fasting is not an optional Christian activity.

This is the good news, and more good news is that there are numerous types of fasts.

Fasting is the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. Fasts fall into 3 categories: normal fast, absolute fast and partial fast.

A normal fast is not eating any sold food, consuming only clear liquids, such as fruit juices and clear soups (broths). This is where you truely humble yourself before God and subdue your body. This is also known as a 'cleansing fast'. this is also the fast with the greatest physical benefit. No solid food lets your body's digestive system rest and the clear liquids rinse your body. This fast is not for everyone, and anyone with medical conditions needs to consult a physician prior to starting such a normal fast.

An absolute fast is no food or water at all. *This is not reccomended* The only 2 people on record of doing a 40 day are Jesus and Moses. Certainly they had a supernatural assist.

A partial fast is to omit certain foods from your diet and/or limit your meals. Daniel did a partial 21 day fastJohn the Baptist also did a partial fast. There are always some thing we can omit from our menu, in that respect this is a fast everyone can participate in. Anyone with medical conditions should consult a physician prior to starting a partial fast.

God knows our hearts, and is not that what is important? God knows if we are fasting, and what we are fasting, and he promises to reward us for our fasting.

Length of fast:

However long you fast, expect challenges and plan for how to ocercome the challenges.

Simple guidelines for fasting:

Practical tips for fasting:

God is the Rock - God wants to be Your Rock

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