Rock Your Soul

Fasting builds up and strengthens the body, soul and spirit.

Humans are a trinity: body, soul and spirit. We are a spirit that has a soul that live in a body. The spirit is where the core essence of a person resides. The soul is comprised of the mind, will and emotions. The spirit drives the soul, and the soul drives the body. The soul makes the body do things, and the spirit is where the soul has it's internal compass.

Christians have been given a pattern to better understand their Bodies, Souls and Spirits, and their role in 'the Christian's' relationship with God. God's word refers to our bodies as a tabernacle. A metaphor of the human body, in which the soul dwells in the body, 'as in a tent, which is taken down at death'. God's word shows that our spirit and soul are separate entities. It is our spirit that is 'born again', when we believe in Jesus. The body and soul are "being saved" as we yield ourselves and conform to the image of Christ.

The tabernacle was literally a tent structure which the Israelites carried with them. From the time Moses led them after their exit from Exypt, until Solomon built His great temple in Jerusalem. The tabernacle, was God's dwelling place then. We are God's dwelling place now, if we so choose. The tabernacle is also a pattern of our own entity. The Tabernacle had 3 regions: an outer court, the tabernacle structure known as holy place with an inner sanctum, known as the 'holy place'. The tabernacle's 3 physical regions correspond to our body, soul and spirit.

The tabernacle's outer court corresponds to our bodies, and speaks of our physical relationship with God. The outer court had two objects: an altar and a basin. Those who passed through the outer court were cleansed by blood and water. The altar in the outer court of the tabernacle was where the blood sacrifices were made for the forgivness of sins. When we accept that Christ's blood shed on the cross, was for the forgivness of our sins, we become "born again", and our sins are washed away by Christ's blood. When Christ was crucified on the cross, our 'old man' was co-crucified with Christ. By pursuing the likness of Christ, we place our old nature on God's altar. The basin was for the washing of hands and feet. No one could pass the basin without washing in it. The basin and it's stand were made from the mirrors of the women who served the congregation. While the person washed in the basin, he saw his reflection as in a mirror. We are to wash ourselves in the water of God's word. God's word is a mirror, and our judge, we are to know it, and use it as our life pattern.

The tabernacle structure corresponds to our soul and spirit: the 'the holy place', and the inner sanctum known as the 'holy of holies'. Having been cleansed in the outer court, we are a new creature, resurrected with Christ and so pass into the 'holy place' of the tabernacle, Just as our souls are comprised of our will, intellect and emotions. The holy place had 3 main objects: the table of bread, the lampstand and the altar of incense. Our will is our strength. Bread provides strength; Grain must be grown, harvested, ground to fine flour, molded and baked. The bread in the holy place, was also ordered and displayed. Pursuing the likeness of Christ, we surrender our will, which is then molded and then tested by fire, until our will is pleasing in His sight. Illumination of the mind depends on yeilding of the will. The candlestand was made of beaten gold. Like our will is worked, our intellect is shaped by study and self-discipline. God's word is a light that gives understanding, as our minds are renewed. What you value is where your attitude is focused, and becomes what you worship. Our attitude is shaped by our will and mind, then evidenced through our emotions. Worship is an attitude... incense symbolizes worship. God wants our exclusive worship. Only with true heart, can we enter into the Holy of Holies and know God's Spirit and his provision.

God is the Rock - God wants to be Your Rock

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